Rafnar 850 Work

In June 2018, an unaided crew of four circumnavigated Iceland in under 43 hours in an open centre-console Rafnar 850. Why? Because when you have a Rafnar Hull, why not?

Rafnar 850 Work

Tactical Support RIB

Rafnar 850 is Rafnar's 8.5-meter multi-functional support vessel. With precise scaling-adaptation of the Rafnar Hull technology, Rafnar have produced an 8.5m RIB that provides the unique seakeeping and comfort qualities inherent in other Rafnar vessels built on the Rafnar Hull. The Rafnar 850 is ideally suited for mother ship support.

The Rafnar 850 is an easily deployable and transportable craft. It can be neatly stowed on the deck of a larger vessel, and can be easily transported and deployed to remote operational zones. The Rafnar 850 is a SOLAS certificed inboard-diesel craft equipped with water jet propulsion. 

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Rafnar 850 Work

Technical Specifications:

Length Overall; 8.50 m

Beam Overall; 3.05 m

Hull Length; 7.80 m

Draft; 0.56 m

Light Ship; 3.300 kg

Displacement with crew;3.600 kg 

Max Speed; 30 knots

Cruising Speed; 20 knots

Fuel Tank; 300 liters

Range; 170 nm at cruising speed

Engine; 330 - 435 hp

Propulsion; Waterjet 

Classification; Lloyds Registered Special Service Craft Hull (optional)
SOLAS/MED Approved Module B (optional)