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Rafnar Hull Licensing

Rafnar is seeking quality partners looking to differentiate from their competition.

For builders and brands looking to differentiate the competitiveness of their product portfolios. Using your own vessel designs, the Rafnar Hull can be paired with your vessel design to provide your customers with unique seakeeping benefits.

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Intellectual Property

The ÖK Hull is an intellectual property that defines Rafnar ehf.’s distinctive competitive advantage. In order to protect its intellectual property, Rafnar has secured registered Utility Patents in 25 countries, including the United States. Rafnar has also registered Design Patents in numerous countries and is currently working on registering Design Patents. The ÖK Hull  and "Keeping Comfort at Sea" are registered trademarks of Rafnar.

Rafnar actively polices the use of its intellectual property. Intellectual property protection is crucial for Rafnar and for Rafnar's partners who wish to use the ÖK Hull technology for their own crafts. Rafnar protects its intellectual property through a combination of patents, strong branding, trademarks, trade secrets, and non-disclosure and non-competition agreements.

Scalability of the Rafnar Hull

A scalable platform for different vessel sizes

The Rafnar Hull is scalable for large vessels beyond 15 meters. A future avenue of development for Rafnar is testing and demonstrations of the Rafnar Hull for larger vessels than those currently available.

Rafnar has proven the Rafnar Hull concept for yacht designs of up to 38 meters, where the concept was demonstrated to work for large vessels using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tests.

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