2005;Founded in Iceland by Össur Kristinsson, commencing a ten-year development process from 2005 to 2015

2011;Collaboration on testing of the ÖK Hull with the Icelandic Coast Guard and the Icelandic Search and Rescue association begins

2012;US patent filed

2013;New purpose-built office and production facility launched. US patent published

2015;First Rafnar boats based on the ÖK Hull are introduced to the Icelandic market

2016;First Rafnar boats sold outside of Iceland.
Rafnar's Embla sails 1,327 nautical miles from Iceland to Sweden. Embla attends the Oslo Boat Show and the Monaco Yacht Show. EU patent filed.

2017;Worldwide design patent submitted and EU patent published. The Royal Institution of Naval Architects selected Rafnar’s Leiftur 1100 series as one of “Significant Ships of the Year 2016” and Rafnar was selected as Workboat World’s “Search and Rescue Vessel Builder of the Year 2016”.

Rafnar's Objectives and Values

Vision, Mission, Value Proposition and Values


Redefine the accepted fundamentals of seakeeping.


Keeping Comfort at Sea with the capacity for extraordinary endurance, experienced only through the unique ÖK Hull.

Value Proposition

The ÖK Hull is a revolutionary hull-and-keel technology that will ultimately disrupt marine industries globally. Confirmed by independent research to be capable of up to 20x less slamming than competing hulls, the ÖK Hull ensures otherwise unattainable seakeeping in the most extreme marine environments. A product of the harshest conditions of the North Atlantic, the ÖK Hull has been confirmed by professionals worldwide to provide mariners with endurance and comfort in crafts that are practically impossible to make unsafe. This is achieved without compromising cruising or top speeds, while providing owners with the benefit of lower vessel life cycle cost not only from mechanical and on-board equipment fatigue, but also from medical, disability and insurance related costs.

Rafnar's Core Values

Competence - Persistence - Ambition


Rafnar was originally founded in 2005 as a small research and development center for the ÖK Hull in Kópavogur in the Greater Reykjavík area, Iceland. Since its founding, Rafnar's facility needs have shifted from requiring a simple development setup to perform tests of scale models and prototype crafts to requiring state of the art facilities to build world-class vessels of the highest quality standards that meets the most stringent requirements and demands placed upon it. 

Today, the company occupies a modern 5,600 sqm facility equipped with the latest technology in robotic machinery for milling, water-cutting, spray-up and lathe work. These facilities have allowed Rafnar to scale up from simple prototyping to building vessels available for sale. 

Rafnar’s Quality Policy

Built to Endure

Rafnar designs, builds, markets and sells premium value vessels that ensure endurance, comfort and safety for mariners in the harshest of environments. Rafnar vessels are built on the patented ÖK Hull technology and crafted to the highest of the industry‘s quality specifications.

The following key principles provide the basis for Rafnar's Quality Policy:

Our commitment to delivering quality that persistently exceeds expectations, which is reflected through all aspects of the work of our ambitious team, our certified ISO 9001 Quality Management System, our Limited Lifetime Warranty and our extensive after-sales services guaranteed to all Rafnar vessel owners, operators and service/maintenance providers.

Our design and production departments that meet the requirements of the most demanding professional and recreational mariners, supported by our commitment to quality and the most stringent requirements of classification organizations.

Our foundation of competence, ambition and persistence, which demonstrates the key values reflected by all of our team members. 

Our commitment to continuous company-wide improvements in order to ensure that Rafnar is at the forefront of quality, service, efficiency and competitiveness. 

Our modern and purpose designed facilities, carefully selected partners and the use of the best materials and the latest technology in production machinery.

European Union’s Horizon 2020

Grant agreement No 762204.

Rafnar has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme for continued developments of the ÖK Hull under grant agreement No 762204.

Horizon 2020 is the financial instrument implementing the Innovation Union, a Europe 2020 flagship initiative aimed at securing Europe's global competitiveness.

Seen as a means to drive economic growth and create jobs, Horizon 2020 has the political backing of Europe’s leaders and the Members of the European Parliament. They agreed that research is an investment in our future and so put it at the heart of the EU’s blueprint for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth and jobs.